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Part Number:FA-21-QD Manufacturer: Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface 21" Flex Arm with Quick-Disconnect Base and YS Mount

Key Features
  • For Connecting YS Mount Lights
  • Two QD Bases for Male & Female Mounts
  • Easy Attachment to BTS Tray or Handle
  • Built-In Safety Cable

Mount video or strobe lights on underwater photography trays, handles, or bridge bars with Beneath the Surface's versatile 21" Flex Arm with Quick-Disconnect Base and YS Mount. Featuring quick-disconnect bases for both male screw and female threaded attachment options, this arm works with any arm adapter, tray, handle, or bridge bar 

that accepts the base's 1/4"-20 thread size. It allows flexible positioning of the light while shooting underwater, giving you a variety of possible lighting angles and positions.

A built-in safety cable that runs through the entire arm ensures that you will never lose your valuable lighting equipment even if you accidentally disconnect the arm. The flex arm joints can be securely popped back into place while underwater. Additionally, the quick-disconnect mount allows you to switch effortlessly between various other flex arms with a quick-disconnect base. Machined out of solid Delrin bar stock, this item is made and assembled in the U.S.A.

For mounting video or strobe lights with a YS style end onto underwater arm adapters, trays, grip handles or bridge bars that accept 1/4"-20 thread size.
Allows for flexible positioning of light while shooting underwater.
1/16" vinyl-coated, stainless steel safety cable runs internally for securing lighting equipment, in order to prevent loss if flex arm comes apart or is disconnected.
Joints can be securely popped back into place, even while underwater.
Quick-disconnect mount for easy switching between various flex arms.

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