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Adrian A.
If you're looking for a place to scuba, look no further. Dive and Photo was professional, efficient but personable and attentive. They also care about the environment! If that isn't a good reason, I don't know what is.

Ocx Diver
I finally found my Dive Shop!! Received 5 Star service from Ludek and had all my regs. inspected and maintenance ahead of schedule. Nice work everyone!!

Nick N.
Amazing instructors who are able and willing to help all levels of divers have a fun and safe experience! Great rental equipment to show you the luxuries of scuba diving and to make you feel the most comfortable during your introductory dives!

Kelly Y.
Got my Open Water certification here and I'm so glad I chose Dive & Photo! The staff/instructors are all very experienced and supportive. They definitely know what they're doing and focus on developing divers versus just checking boxes to give out certs.

Shawn B.
The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgable. Good selection of gear. Awesome instructors.

Josh W
Dive & Photo is the best dive shop in the OC period! Ludek is extremely helpful and guided us through the process of getting our open water certification we have been diving almost every weekend since and we love it. Classes here are capped at 4 people with no hidden fees/ extra costs added on later, don't fall for the Groupon deals other dive shops advertise and get stuck in a 15-20 person class where they just push you through to get paid we see them at Shaws cove all the time! This shop cares about its customers and provides a higher quality of training which makes you a better diver at the end of the day. can't wait to take our advanced open water with Dive and Photo in the coming months. you won't regret getting certified with this place just read the reviews!!!

Just went on our first boat dive with Dive and Photo to Catalina last weekend so amazing can't wait to go on more trips with these guys!

Devin D
Just wrapped up my open water certification today thru D&P and I couldn't be more happy and impressed. I had my classes with Mike and I can honestly say he's one of the best instructors I've ever had, for anything. He very obviously wants everyone to know what they need to know to be safe, have fun, and overall be successful diving.

Their program is definitely affordable for what you get (a steal given this is OC) and no corners are cut. They offer good rates on gear and further classes for students, both of which you'll probably want after the initial certification.

It's a big world and can be daunting to new people like myself so it's nice to have knowledgeable and genuinely good folks to learn from and have look after you.

Dallas M
Excellent Experience!
I took the initial training, Open Water, with two of my sons. Sherry was our instructor and she was fantastic. Recently took the Advanced Diver course with Mike Faust. Another excellent experience. Mike, as a different instructor, had different insights and tips that helped significantly.
If you have ever wanted to try scuba, I cannot recommend Dive and Photo's instructors highly enough.
Safety is always the most important thing and they stress that continually and make it second nature, and easy to achieve.
Fun is essential in the instruction, as well as in the water, and the instructors make it fun and interesting.
Mike knows the area, the waters, and has like a million dives in his experience to draw from. Mike is passionate about not only diving, but about helping those he instructs so they can get the most from his experience, and have a great time diving.
If you ever thought about it but hesitated because you did not know how well the courses might play out, get past the worry and get into Dive and Photo. Your biggest regret will be that you did not do it earlier.

Alexandra A
We can only say great things about our experience with Dive & Photo and our amazing instructor Mike Faust. My husband and son got certified for Rescue Diving and my daughter her best friend and I for Advance PADI. Mike made us feel always extremely safe and we learned all the skills with ease under his guidance. Understanding him under water was such a breeze! Amazing instructor.
I am the WORST at reading maps and navigating so you can imagine my happiness when I was able to navigate under water and find my way back to the point of origin.
The staff at the shop always helpful and extremely organized. We really appreciate it since we were a group diving.
Again. Five stars! Best diving school in OC

Colton D
There is a reason this shop has such great reviews. I stopped in here to get a new dive light and the prices are not hiked through the roof like some shops. They also have a wide range of tanks that other shops don't carry. The staff was friendly and extremely helpful answering all of my questions. Recommended this shop to a friend and they too felt the customer service is above the normal.

Robert F
At first I was skeptical seeing how all their reviews are uncommonly high. After visiting in person I can honestly say that this establishment is 100% authentic! Highly recommended.

Lindsay P.
Great shop! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I always see these guys out diving!

Sarah L.
I would recommend Dive and Photo for all of your diving needs!

Keiko B.
LOVE THIS PLACE. Everyone who works here is always so friendly, informative, and helpful. PLUS their prices are great!